Paytm Card Soundbox can now take credit/debit card payments and is priced at Rs 999.

Paytm has introduced a new device known as the “Paytm Card Soundbox,” designed to facilitate card payments. Priced at Rs 999, this device seeks to offer card acceptance as conveniently as mobile payments. It features built-in ‘tap and pay’ functionality and is compatible with payments made through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay networks.

Paytm says the Card Soundbox helps merchants in two important ways: it lets them accept card payments and get quick audio alerts for all transactions. This device is like a mix of a card machine, a QR code scanner for UPI payments, and a speaker that confirms transactions with sound. It uses Soundbox tech along with NFC or contactless debit and credit cards to make payments simple. It also shows payment confirmations on a screen and plays sounds to confirm them.

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Features of Soundbox: 

  • The Paytm Card Soundbox has a built-in feature that lets you make card payments up to ₹5,000 easily.
  • It uses a fast 4G network to send payment alerts quickly.
  • The device has a 4W speaker for clear notifications.
  • Its battery can last up to five days.
  • It can provide alerts in 11 languages, and merchants can customize them using the Paytm for Business app.
  • If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone, you can make payments by tapping.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Paytm, talked about the company’s commitment to helping small businesses in India with payment and financial services. He said that the Paytm Card Soundbox makes it easy for merchants to accept mobile and card payments, providing a simple and efficient solution.

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Paytm was one of the first companies to introduce mobile payments in India. It quickly gained popularity due to its convenience and ease of use. The company has since expanded its offerings to include a wide range of financial services, such as bill payments, insurance, and investments. Paytm is now one of the leading digital payments platforms in India, with over 400 million users.

Here are some of the key features of Paytm:

  • Mobile payments: Paytm users can make payments to merchants, friends, and family using their mobile phones.
  • QR code payments: Paytm users can scan QR codes to make payments at merchants.
  • Point of sale (POS) payments: Paytm merchants can accept payments from customers using their POS machines.
  • Online payment gateway: Paytm offers an online payment gateway that can be used by merchants to accept payments from customers.
  • Financial services: Paytm offers a variety of financial services, such as microloans, insurance, and investments.

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